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TESTIMONIALS by Easy Street Builder's Customers

"My experience with Easy Street Builders and its original owner Jerry Misevis and his son Jason Misevis was excellent. They showed up when they said they would including having someone come a little early each day to get the equipment ready so when the rest of the crew got there; on time, the work began immediately and continued all day; each day with only a break for lunch at the same time each day. It was nice to see a company that had a schedule and kept to it. The workmanship was good, the price was fair and the final product is something that we receive complements on all the time. We would hire them again for future projects."

Keith W Valentine
Valentine Insurance
Catskill, NY 

"I have worked with Easy Street Builders on a number of projects and have consistently found them to provide quality services in a professional manner.  They are thorough in the execution of their work and take the time necessary to meet the project’s objectives.  Their experience has proven very helpful in resolving field anomalies and the care and thought they put into their work has often led to a better end-product.  Perhaps most importantly, I have observed their fair treatment of their clients, many times going above and beyond what should be expected."

Elliott Fishman
Land Surveying and Engineering PC
Catskill, NY

"When Kurt and I moved to Catskill, NY, we had several strikes against us.  First, we were relocated Midwesterners, and knew no one in New York.  Secondly, not only had we never owned a house before, our living experience had been restricted to purely apartment life.  Thirdly, we had no experience with building or designing any sort of structure.

One might say that buying twenty-eight acres along with a 4000 square foot house in upstate New York would have been a surefire disaster for us.  And it would have been just that, if not for Jerry and Jason Misevis.  We got his name from a recommendation by the previous owners of our house.  We were told there was no one better.  Though that might have been all we knew of him initially, Jerry’s name quickly became in our household like Derek Jeter’s in the Yankee dugout. 

We knew we wanted to create an outdoor space perfect for entertaining our families and friends, but just didn’t know how.  Jerry and his son Jason solved that for us, taking us through the process, step by step, like an old friend.  He didn’t tell us what to do; instead, he listened  and made suggestions based on both technical and aesthetic knowledge, but ultimately left the final – and now informed – decisions with us.  With his sound and creative advice, he helped us design an outdoor space that took our house from nice to worthy of a magazine cover. 

But it just wasn’t his vision and knowledge that we appreciated; it was also the excellence of work and momentum that he and his crew invested in the project.   Corners were never cut, and quality never sacrificed.  That creed extended to every project and service offered by Easy Street Builders.  It does not suffice to say we were never disappointed – we were always amazed.

Since that experience, my husband and I have moved several times, and bought and sold two more houses, including one complete renovation.  Other builders that we have worked with left us missing Jerry so much that we actually flew him out to Chicago for his advice on the renovation.  His consultation saved us a great deal of money and pain.  It is a shame that so few other builders out there have the same high standards and trustworthiness that is second nature to Jerry Misevis.  We miss working with him greatly."

Kurt Miscinski and Melissa Whitaker